Additional Services

We offer a number of additional services to help keep your lawn looking its best. If you would like any further information about these services, please contact us!

 ~ We can handle all the specialized treatments you may need ~

Core Aeration

Administered annually in the spring for Bermuda and Zoysia lawns to help reduce soil compaction and allow the air, water, and nutrients to reach the root system more effectively. This process makes your lawn thicker and over all healthier.


All cool-season lawns require special attention every fall in order to maintain a healthy, thick turf grass for the next growing season.

Fungicide Application

During the summer months, nearly all lawns will get "Brown Patch" to one degree or another due to factors like improper watering, poor drainage, poor air circulation, dull mower blades and mowing at the wrong height. This program will help to control the pathogens that cause the Brown Patch fungus.

Flea & tick control

Fleas and ticks are leach-like parasitic pests that can cause illness and even death in pets and humans. Treatment will be applied to help reduce your flea and tick population in your yard.

Grassy weed control

Good weed control includes more than treatment of weeds. Proper fertilization and watering combined with correct mowing will reduce weed competition in lawn. Certain weeds can be difficult to control, since they spread very rapidly and can quickly choke the grass. That is why it is important to administer a pre and post-emergent treatment. Our process will keep cut out those days you spend hand pulling and give you more time to enjoy your yard.

Fire ant control

Fire Ants are a nuisance and sometimes a painful pest to lawn and turf owners. Controlling Fire Ants is often a larger task than most homeowners can handle. This is especially true when the infestation is extensive. Our treatment will help control your population for the year.

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