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Grass Masters & Designs Inc. installs pine straw to all of north Georgia

Thank you for your interest in purchasing pine straw and spreading services from Grass Masters & Designs Inc. Pine Straw. We service the West Cobb , Marietta Fulton and the surrounding counties of North Georgia for Pine Straw services . We are able to meet your needs from 20 to 10,000 bales per job. We have the best Pine Straw in town at a great price!

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Prices are per bale of pine straw.

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Check, and Cash


Please call to make a payment with a credit card

FREE delivery for orders of 150 or more bales!

( $10.00 delivery charge less than 150 bales)


All Orders must pay due upon receipt


Number of Bales We no longer deliver Spread
20-49 $4.00 $6.75
50-100 $3.90 $6.50
101 $3.90 $6.25


Spreading Services available for 20 or more bales.

We service the West Cobb Area for Pine Straw

We offer a discount special for landscapers or multiple properties!


If you're looking for a superior bedding material for your trees and plants consider Pine Straw. It is a natural product, high in nitrogen, that decomposes and makes a great fertilizer for plants and shrubs. A Pine Straw covering adds beauty to your landscape while deterring weeds. It is insect and rodent free, adheres well to slopes and will not wash away during heavy rain. Pine Straw is ecology-minded and easy to work with. It does not have to be removed simply place fresh straw on top of existing straw to revitalize the color.

Pine Straw is widely used by Landscapers, Nurseries, Golf Courses, Municipalities, Parks, and Home Owners. Pine Straw's popularity continues to grow, the word is spreading that it is easy to use, has beautiful color and makes a great fertilizer. It is easy to see why pine straw has become such a sought after product for the finishing touch on landscape jobs. Pine Straw keeps sprawling vegetables such as squash, melons, and strawberries from forming mildew, mold, or developing rot.

According to statistics, there are many reasons for using pine straw as a mulch. It enhances the beauty of any landscape by providing a cover of uniform color that is neutral and non-detracting to plants. Pine straw conserves soil moisture by reducing water evaporation from the soil. Weed and grass problems are fewer when the straw is applied deep enough to smother unwanted plants and prevent undesirable seed germination. Because pine needles interlock, it keeps wind and rain from washing or blowing away the topsoil. Soil crusting problems are prevented, and moisture is able to reach the roots of plants. It also insulates the soil.


Frequently Asked Questions


After I order when will I get my delivery?

We deliver Monday thru Friday. When you place your order we will let you know when your Pine Straw will be delivered. We also can email you when its on the way!


When I order my Pine Straw where do you leave it?

We will put the bales basically anywhere you would like, as long as we can get our truck within 20 feet. Most deliveries are dropped off either at the end of the driveway or in a pine island in the front yard. Please let us know if you have dogs if the Pine Straw goes in the back yard!

Do you deliver to the West Cobb area for Pine Straw?

Yes we do deliver to the West Cobb and the surrounding areas.


Where do we need to go to pick up our Pine Straw?

You would pick it up at or office located in Dallas off Hwy 278.

Our address is 266 South Main Street Ste. 700 Dallas 30132

Please call before you come. Thanks Management!


Why is your Pine Straw so much better than other suppliers?

Thats a very good question and its because our pine straw supplier provides us with very good quality clean pine straw. We use the highest quality pine straw in our area and if we receive a load that is not to our standards we send it back.

Thanks very much for your business we look forward to working with you!


Joseph Hayes

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